We collect and analyze consumer data in the most innovative way in the mobile era.

Who is Opensurvey

Opensurvey has transformed the way companies understand customers’ experiences and convert their experiences into data assets - the building blocks of customer communication and satisfaction.
We have revolutionised market research by making surveys ubiquitous on consumers’ mobile. Our main strengths include the ability to swiftly mobilise a large and qualified pool of panels and providing near real time survey results.
Our firm was founded in 2011 as a small startup and was renamed Opensurvey in 2018. The firm has grown to more than 90 employees as of 1H 2022 and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
Opensurvey Global Team | 82+ 2-2070-2146

Our Coverage

We can quickly and easily conduct a survey in 88 countries around the world in 19 languages.

Our Survey Platform

Our survey platform supports both respondents and clients for reliable data collection and expert-level analyses at fingertips.
Mobile for Respondents
Mobile-optimized respondent experience
All major question types supported
Engaged responses and excellent data quality
Web based Analytics Tool for Clients
Fully automated data collection & processing
Real-time data visualization and cross tabulation
Time and cost efficiency

Research Service Capabilities

With a dedicated client service team and a group of experts, we design mobile-optimized, robust surveys to ensure data quality.

What We Do

We have a broad range of research offering in Korea; Brand Index, U&A and Concept Evaluation are the most popular choices and that’s what we are best at.

Our Clients

More than 1,800 companies worldwide are working with us to make data-based decisions.
Opensurvey Global Team | 82+ 2-2070-2146
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